• Need to Stay in Shape With a Foot Injury? Take Your Training to the Pool

    Exercise is an important part of staying in shape, but how can you stay active when you need to rest an injured foot? In addition to seeking physiotherapy to help you recover from your injury, you may also want to continue your cardiovascular training, so your fitness doesn't decline while you wait for your injury to heal. While pounding the pavements isn't a good idea when your foot hurts, if you have access to a swimming pool, you can safely keep running without putting further strain on your injured foot.
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  • Using companion animals to naturally enhance wellness

    Humans have shared living space with companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses for thousands of years. The benefits of animals are huge and are just starting to be fully understood by medical professionals. Here are some ways that animals can naturally enhance your wellness. Reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect Spending time with animals has a relaxing effect for many people. It provides them with a sense of connection and purpose, as well as unconditional affection.
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  • Remedial massage after childbirth

    The later weeks of pregnancy and childbirth can be a very hard time on the birthmother's body, and the first weeks of caring for a newborn can be hard for any carer. Here are some tips on what might be hurting and how remedial massage can help. Post childbirth pain - back, hips and pelvic floor The extra weight carried by the mother during the last weeks of pregnancy poses quite a stress to the lower back and hips.
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